Energy Pathways to Harmony

Maintain wellness by reducing stress and tension.



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Looking for relief from tension and stress?      

I offer intuitive, client-centered sessions, customized to the specific needs of every individual. Many of my clients come with stress and tension, which can bring the body out of balance. To address this, I incorporate a variety of massage  and bodywork utilizing qigong, meridian points, energy pathways and reflexology.

 My areas of specialty are:

Therapeutic Integrated Massage

Round Belly Massage & Reflexology (perinatal massage)

Reflexology & Structural Reflexology ©

Qigong Meridian Therapy, acupressure and Shiatsu

Wellness classes and Reflexology Training

Qigong & Yoga


"Bodywork is more than a one-time treatment, adding it to your self-care

routine can create increased wellness and help maintain your health."


My practice has a foundation in extensive professional training and a clear

understanding and knowledge of the physical and energetic anatomies.

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