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Structural Reflexology®


Structural Reflexology ®  Geraldine Villeneuve trademarked Structural Reflexology ® in 2013 to promote foot health awareness by providing education for more healthful and therapeutic options to resolve foot pain and compensation in the body.

Structural Reflexology ® is the practice of integrating foot reflexology with the anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Focus is on tension sites found in the feet. These sites are a product of local muscle and ligament strain which cause some of the 26 bones in each foot to move out of alignment. As a result, compensation occurs in the feet and throughout the entire body.  

A Structural Reflexologist® is able to assess foot mechanics, identify tension sites that inhibit foot mobility, and use specific techniques to release areas of muscle and ligament strain in the foot and lower leg. These techniques help to restore comfort and function which allows the bones of the foot to find their normal alignment. Once the foot muscles are able to maneuver the foot more easily and recover the job of moving and balancing the body, compensation and discomfort in the rest of the body is relieved.




Benefits of Structural Reflexology®

*Improved foot joint articulation

*Improved weight-bearing and balance

*Improved blood and nerve circulation to the feet and body

*Relief of imbalanced foot and body compensation

*Relief of joint tension

*Increased strength and vitality in the feet and body




Sessions:  The first 90 min session includes a full foot assessment. Both feet are measured (toe to heel and arch length, as well as width). An ink-print of each foot is made documenting the current weight distribution and educating the client how they walk on their feet. Local and reflexive methods are used to release not only stress but to recalibrate the feet.  Subsequent sessions can be 60 or 90 min. A short meridian massage may be applied at the end of the session. An exercise plan is given.


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