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Therapeutic Integrated Massage
30 min $50  ~  60 min $85  ~  90 min $125

Harmony Series:

3/30 min $135  ~  3/60 min $240  ~  3/90 min $360 (plus NJ sales tax)

There are many benefits of a Therapeutic Integrated Massage:  relaxation, pain relief, and an energy boost. A combination of Western massage techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, as well as Eastern techniques such as Qigong Meridian Therapy, acupressure, Reflexology.  Essential oils may be used.



Please visit the Perinatal Massage page


Qigong Meridian Therapy (QMT)
30 min $45  ~  60 min $80  ~  90 min $120
Harmony Series: 
3/30 min $120  ~  3/60 min $225  ~  3/90 min $340 (plus NJ sales tax)

QMT is a hands-on session, which can be deep or light, focusing on the meridians.  Sessions are given fully clothed. A QMT clears energy blockages, increases Qi or vital energy, and stimulates internal healing. QMT can increase the healing benefit when used with other therapies, such as acupuncture.

30 min $45  ~  60 min $80 ~  90 min $120 

 Harmony Series:
 3/30 min $120  ~  3/60 min $225  ~  3/90 min $340 (plus NJ sales tax)

Reflexology is a natural therapy using special hand and finger techniques. It's applied to reflex areas found on the hands, feet, face and ears that correlate to the organs and body parts. This work results in deep relaxation, stress reduction, immune system boost and a return to homeostasis.  


60 min $85  ~  90 min $125  

Harmony Series: 
3/60 min $240 ~ 3/90 min $360 (plus NJ sales tax)

Shiatsu is a form of energy bodywork with the purpose of releasing energy: tonifying deficient (Kyo) energy and sedating excessive (Jitsu) energy, helping the body return to harmony through balancing the Ki or Qi. This is executed by applying pressure with hands, fingers, elbows, and knees along the meridian pathways in a rhythmic way.  Traditional Chinese Medicine's Five Element theory is applied. Some Thai massage techniques may be incorporated.


LifeForce - Tao of Medical Qigong
 30 min $50  ~  60 min $95 

Harmony Series: 
3/30 min $135  ~  3/60 min $270

The recipient of Medical Qigong is a willing participant who is ready for a personalized healing journey.  Qi, or lifeforce, is channeled by the practitioner through the hands to the areas of stagnation and deficiency.  Light touch may be applied and Qigong movements or postures may be given. The recipient can have a variety of responses, from tingling to warmth to seemingly nothing at all, but the bottom line is he or she will be uncovering the underlying healing messages to promote deep and lasting physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Bodywork photos courtesy of ABMP.